The green tree frog is swallowing the brown snake, despite the snake trying to escape. P

Photographer Julie-Anne O’Neill is credited with capturing an astonishing moment in nature, where fate took an unexpected turn for a snake. In her Google+ post from November 2016, she claimed ownership of the image, which depicts an Australian green tree frog devouring a brown snake. According to O’Neill, the photo was taken at night using a Canon EOS 550D.


However, it’s worth noting that this image had circulated online before her post, so her claim cannot be definitively verified. O’Neill goes on to share her surprise at witnessing this event, as she had previously believed that green tree frogs exclusively consumed insects. The Australian Brown Snake, on the other hand, is highly venomous.

Despite the snake’s attempt to make a meal out of the frog, the photo reveals a twist in the story—the frog survived. The snake, however, did not share a fortunate ending in this unexpected encounter.


The expression on the snake’s face in the photo mirrors the sense of astonishment and unlikely events, much like the fish famously photographed inside a jellyfish—a situation where the outcome was also probably far from ideal for the fish.

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