The dog was abandoned with a chain around its neck under the car and was fortunately found and rescued in time.TS

Some time back, there were rumors about Duke being infected with a contagious illness. To avoid any potential spread, people urged others to stay away from him. As a result, Duke, a young puppy of just 10 months, was tethered to a dilapidated trailer using a chain.

Suddenly, there was complete solitude. Duke endured a 10-day period of agony while seeking shelter beneath a dilapidated trailer near a Bulgarian town. He was subjected to a harsh form of isolation.

However, a woman residing in the village witnessed nothing but distress. She contacted Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, an official organization located in Bulgaria that assists animals requiring aid. Upon the arrival of Tony Rowles, one of the group’s founders, he discovered a dog overwhelmed by flies and immersed in its own waste. The canine was understandably petrified.

According to Rowles, Duke was extremely frightened and overwhelmed by the strong ammonia smell. He was unable to move from his spot. However, despite his fear, Duke eagerly kissed the first hand that was extended towards him.

The place where the group had taken shelter was already full to the brim. Hence, Duke decided to stay at the Rowles family’s house with some other dogs and cats.

The dog’s charm was the only thing that seemed to spread. However, the canine was quite apprehensive of men for a couple of weeks. Despite being cordial during their first interaction, his movements and actions indicated his fear as he constantly backed away. Rowles mentions that the pooch formed a strong bond with his wife, Diane, and adored her.

The issue that needed attention was the condition of Duke’s feet, which were bent and broken.

After taking a look at Duke, the veterinarian reached a disconcerting verdict: Duke’s injuries were not accidental. Rowles was taken aback by the vet’s diagnosis, which revealed that Duke’s feet had been deliberately hurt. The extent of the damage was evident as the bones in his feet were broken and had no ligaments. In fact, Duke’s feet were so badly damaged that the bones were floating around.

Without a doubt, Duke was suffering from malnourishment, as well as experiencing a sharp cough due to the damage caused by the heavy chain that had once restrained him. To address these issues, Duke underwent a series of surgeries and received splints to aid in his recovery. Additionally, it was crucial for Duke to have access to the appropriate nutrition and supportive individuals during his healing process.

According to Rowles, they reached a stage where they thought it was time for the dog to be put up for adoption. The team has been operating in Bulgaria for eight years and has successfully found new homes for over 1,000 canines, relocating them to countries such as the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Duke’s magic reached all the way to England, where he was adopted by a woman named Diana Romaine. The farewell between Duke and his previous owner was emotional, as recalled by Rowles. However, the reunion in England was even more heart-wrenching. Despite being labeled untouchable in the past, Duke has managed to touch the hearts of many people along his journey to that far-off land, leaving an indelible mark on each one.

It only required a remarkable sequence of compassion – a group of people united in kindness.

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