The dog rolled onto his back and let everyone rub his belly to express his gratitude after being rescued from a dangerous deep hole. P

On a fateful Saturday, a curious pet named Winston found himself in a rather precarious situation. While out on a leisurely walk with his owner, Helen Peake, in the Diamond Jubilee Wood of Leicestershire, Winston’s adventurous spirit led him down a rather unexpected path—a badger sett.


The ill-fated hole had been cleverly concealed by a holly bush, and Winston had no way of knowing what he was getting into. Realizing that her beloved pet was in trouble, Helen sounded the alarm, but rescuing Winston proved to be a challenging endeavor. Badger setts are heavily protected by law, making it difficult to intervene.

Helen reached out to various authorities in desperation, hoping for a solution. Finally, on a hopeful Tuesday, some good news arrived. Firefighters joined forces with the RSPCA to orchestrate Winston’s daring rescue. With specialized equipment and a keen ear for Winston’s muffled barks, they worked tirelessly to pinpoint his exact location within the sett.


Using specialized listening and locating devices, the rescue team meticulously executed their plan, calling for reinforcements when needed. The operation had to be carried out slowly and meticulously to prevent the sett from collapsing on top of Winston.

Eventually, the brave spaniel was brought back to safety and handed over to RSPCA officers for a thorough health check. Most importantly, he was joyously reunited with his relieved owner. Winston wasted no time showing his gratitude, promptly rolling onto his back for a well-deserved belly rub.

Helen took to Facebook to express her relief and gratitude, acknowledging the challenging ordeal they had endured but emphasizing that Winston’s safe return was all that truly mattered.


Fortunately, it appeared that no other animals were found at the scene, suggesting that the badger den was inactive, relieving concerns of further wildlife disruptions.

Winston’s adventurous escapade isn’t the only one of its kind this year. In January, another spirited spaniel named Reggie, just 11 months old, found himself in a precarious situation, tumbling down a 22ft crevice on a mountain in Wales. An extensive rescue effort involving ropes and specialized equipment was required, and Reggie’s owner, Leah Davies, rightfully hailed him as a “true little warrior” following his harrowing ordeal.

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