The dog Ringo and his blind brother Razmo were cruelly thrown into a landfill by criminals. P

In the midst of numerous heartwarming tales of animal rescues, one truth consistently emerges: adopting a dog who has faced the harsh trials of life, abandoned and left to fend for itself, stands as an unparalleled act of love and compassion for these voiceless beings.


The act of adoption reflects the responsible and caring spirit of those who undertake it. By doing so, they champion the rights that every animal inherently deserves. This profound understanding guided Mélody and her husband Pierre, a compassionate French couple who longed to bring joy and companionship into their lives by adopting a furry friend to join Pixel, their beloved canine companion.


Their journey led them to visit various animal shelters, and fate brought them face to face with Ringo, an abandoned puppy who had been rescued from a grim fate. Ringo and his blind brother, Razmo, had been heartlessly discarded in a garbage dump by criminal hands.

Drawing upon the same shelter where they had adopted their first dog, Moustaches et Compagnie, Mélody and Pierre experienced love at first sight when they laid eyes on Ringo. Yet, their hearts were not complete without Razmo, who, despite his blindness, deserved a loving home as well.


“They fell in love with Ringo,” the organization posted on its social media platforms.

Thankfully, Mélody and Pierre recognized that these puppies were inseparable, making the compassionate decision to bring happiness into their home, this time in triplicate. The heartwarming reunion occurred on February 28 in Cher, France.

“They picked up their new faithful friend, and 45 minutes later, they returned to take care of Razmo, their blind brother,” added Moustaches et Compagnie.


The association ensured continuous communication with the couple. Upon learning about the existence of both Ringo and Razmo, Mélody and Pierre harbored no reservations about adopting both and integrating them into their family.

For Ringo, life without his brother Razmo was unimaginable. Razmo, diagnosed with an inoperable congenital cataract, had tragically lost his sight. Both dogs rightfully deserved the chance to embark on a new and better life together, just as they had shared their hardships until that point.


Blindness may afflict the physical senses, but the eyes of the soul never cease to see with love.

Today, Razmo, Ringo, and Pixel live joyfully and carefree in the couple’s home. Despite the challenges posed by Razmo’s disability, everything has fallen into place beautifully. As for Pixel, the couple reports that he couldn’t be happier with his two new furry companions, creating a harmonious blend of husky and shepherd in their household. The moment they stepped out of the car, they began to play together.


One could argue that the most compelling case for adopting a dog is that there’s simply no argument against it. Instead, there are countless reasons in favor of adoption. Share this heartwarming story with your friends and spread the message of compassion and love for animals.

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