The dog lost all its legs due to being hung upside down in preparation for being killed for human consumption. P

Chi Chi, a two-year-old dog, had a harrowing start in life but now has a chance for a brighter future. She was rescued from a farm in South Korea where dogs were raised for meat. Chi Chi was found hanging upside down by her feet, a cruel practice believed to make the meat more tender. She was also overfed to quickly gain weight.


Shannon Keith, the president of Animal Rescue, Media & Education (ARME), explained that meat producers often subject dogs to fear and torture before slaughter, believing it enhances the taste of the meat.


Despite being appalled by the practice, some people are surprised that dog meat is still consumed in many parts of the world, including the United States. Shannon is actively working with legislators to pass a law banning the dog meat trade in the United States, which would prevent dogs like Chi Chi from being treated so ruthlessly.


Chi Chi faced numerous challenges after her rescue, including severe infections in her amputated legs. However, her resilience was remarkable, as she survived and even attempted to walk the day after surgery. With her newfound strength and determination, she took her first steps on her prosthetic limbs a few days later.


Chi Chi’s journey from South Korea to the United States was made possible through the efforts of ARME. She was warmly welcomed into her new home in Arizona by the Howell family, which includes two other rescued dogs, Kipper and Harry.


Despite losing her legs, Chi Chi is an incredibly active and joyful dog. She can run, walk, and play like any four-legged dog, with the exception of climbing stairs. Chi Chi’s boundless energy continues to amaze everyone who meets her.


With the help of a specialist in prosthetics, Chi Chi is gradually adjusting to her new legs. While there may be a learning curve, Chi Chi’s indomitable spirit and enthusiasm promise a bright future.


Thanks to ARME and the generosity of donors, Chi Chi was not only able to experience love and kindness but also received prosthetic legs, allowing her to move freely and explore her new life as a cherished family member.


As an update, Chi Chi is now getting used to her prosthetic legs, and she is gradually becoming more comfortable with them. Her remarkable progress includes the possibility of becoming a certified therapy dog, using her positive impact on people to bring joy and comfort to those she encounters.

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