The dog has a severely disfigured face, is chased from house to house, abandoned and despised, denied the love he deserves. P

Physical appearance has little bearing on true beauty; it’s what’s inside that truly matters. Unfortunately, some people in Lucky’s life couldn’t see beyond his exterior, and that was a tragedy.


Lucky was born with a severe facial deformity and began his life in a puppy mill before being surrendered to a shelter. Finding him a loving home proved to be challenging because people couldn’t look past his unusual appearance.


Eventually, Lucky was adopted, but he experienced a series of heartbreaks as he was bounced from one home to another. His first family in Austin kept him outside all the time because he didn’t get along with their cats. He was chained to a tree, without a safe place to sleep or enough food. He was neglected and overlooked, denied the love he so rightfully deserved.


When his first family decided to move, they chose to give up Lucky, treating him as if he were not a part of their family at all. Lucky was adopted again, but it didn’t take long for that family to abandon him as well.


Then, something remarkable happened on social media. A shelter volunteer took Lucky to the groomer, and photos of a groomed and stunning Lucky were shared online. These photos caught the eye of the right person, Jamie Hult, a friend of the volunteer. She expressed an immediate desire to meet and adopt Lucky.


“I want that dog,” Jamie declared, “I don’t want to foster it; I want to adopt that dog.”


Despite Lucky’s poor health, with fleas, heartworms, and being underweight, Jamie was undeterred. She was willing to provide him with all the care he needed, both medically and emotionally.


Lucky, now known as Beaux Tox, had a challenging journey ahead of him, but thanks to Jamie’s dedication and excellent medical care, he made a full recovery.


Beaux Tox found a new home, a new lease on life, and a new loving human in Jamie. She named him Beaux Tox because she believes in appreciating beauty in all its forms. Jamie and Beaux Tox have been happily together for a year, and Beaux Tox now enjoys a healthy and joyful life. No more days tied to trees or lonely nights in shelters, just an abundance of love for this sweet and deserving pup.

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