The dog endured unimaginable suffering, was beaten and its paw was injured so severely that it had to be amputated, but its will to live is so extraordinary that we admire it.

In the realm of animal welfare, the belief in the inherent beauty and right to life of every creature is an unwavering principle. Unique and special-needs animals deserve every opportunity to thrive, and their limitations should never serve as grounds for euthanasia. Fortunately, there are numerous compassionate individuals dedicated to ensuring that every animal is granted a chance at life.


One such heartwarming tale features a dog who had endured unimaginable suffering, including the loss of her paws due to mistreatment. In a twist of fate, this dog not only escaped the grim fate of euthanasia but also received a remarkable gift that would enable her to regain her mobility. Her name is Monika, and her journey of resilience began in December when she was discovered in the Russian hamlet of Plastunovskaya, battered and with severely wounded paws that necessitated amputation.


Marina Gapich and Alla Leonkina, compassionate rescue volunteers, took Monika under their care. When specialists recommended euthanasia due to her condition, they adamantly opposed the idea, considering themselves her caregivers.


Their unwavering determination led them to Sergei Gorshkov, a veterinarian with expertise in prosthetics. The rescue volunteers, driven by their commitment to Monika’s well-being, raised approximately 400,000 Russian rubles (around $5,400) to facilitate the acquisition of new prosthetic legs for her.


Sergei, although having never crafted prosthetic paws for a dog before, accepted the challenge. Monika’s new titanium-based paws, biocoated at Tomsk Polytechnic University, were meticulously crafted and surgically attached. Everyone involved held their breath, unsure of how Monika would adapt to her new prosthetic limbs.

To their astonishment, Monika proved her remarkable resilience by swiftly adjusting to her new paws. Sergei confessed that initial doubts were cast aside as, on the third day, she began standing up and navigating the facility, moving from room to room.


This heartwarming story illustrates the incredible potential for miracles when people refuse to give up on animals in need. Monika had teetered on the precipice of euthanasia, but thanks to the unwavering efforts of compassionate rescue volunteers and the skill of a dedicated veterinarian, her life was saved.

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