The difficult task of finding and helping a dog family in a place with complex surrounding conditions. Extraordinary efforts of the rescue team.TS

For those who hold a deep affection for animals, there is no greater act of kindness than extending a helping hand to these vulnerable beings. However, there exists a moment of unparalleled grace when one stumbles upon a forsaken family of dogs and rescues them from the unforgiving streets—a direct path to the benevolent heavens.

In the heartwarming tale we share today, you will witness the admirable endeavors of a group of compassionate souls who achieved just that, even in the face of formidable challenges.

puppies with mother dog on the street

A Family Abandoned and Adrift
Stephanie Boltjes, renowned for her boundless love for feline friends, has devoted a substantial portion of her life to saving these endearing creatures and showering them with affection. Nevertheless, her compassion transcends the boundaries of species.

One fateful day, as she walked near her Los Angeles residence, Stephanie noticed a stray dog loitering in the vicinity, later revealed to belong to a neighbor. It was then that she observed a cluster of tiny heads peering out from a nearby corner. This was no ordinary encounter; it was a family of forlorn mutts. A mother and father, accompanied by their two vulnerable puppies, sought refuge there.

Without hesitation, Stephanie summoned reinforcements—a team of dedicated female rescuers from “Hope For Paws.”

a dog on the street

The Race Against Fear
Upon arrival, these seasoned women leaped into action. Their initial attempt to coax the dogs into a secure enclosure met with resistance, as the frightened pups swiftly scattered across the neighbor’s yard. It was apparent that this mission would require an alternative strategy.

puppy rescued in a car cage

The Challenge of Rescue
JoAnn, an experienced member of the Hope For Paws team, devised a plan that involved the use of a net, recognizing that there was no other way to save these trembling canines. The first to be found was the mother, concealed within a pile of tires. With utmost care, JoAnn secured her with the net and placed her in a protective cage.

two puppies rescued from the street placed in a cage

The puppies were the next priority, as the father remained elusive. One pup had sought refuge beneath boards next to the house, but with concerted effort, the rescuers successfully extracted him, albeit with heightened anxiety. They located another puppy nearby, and Loreta was entrusted with securing this sibling.

Only the father remained, a master of concealment. However, they knew he couldn’t be far. After several minutes of relentless searching, they finally detected sounds and swiftly approached the source. It was Alex Babcock who managed to ensnare the elusive father, who exhibited considerable trepidation and nearly gnawed at the net. Remarkably, this marked Alex’s maiden rescue—a commendable achievement.


puppy looks away while at the vet

Reunited and Ready for New Beginnings
With the entire family safely contained, they bestowed names upon them: Cadet and Junior for the parents, while the puppies were affectionately called Daisy and Brownie. The next destination for this endearing family was Cares in Los Angeles, where they would receive essential medical attention.

Upon their arrival, the diligent staff faced the daunting task of removing numerous ticks from the dogs’ skin. Furthermore, Cadet required surgery to correct a case of patellar luxation. Fortunately, the procedures were successful, and this heartwarming family was once again whole, free of ticks, and in sound health.

mother dog with her puppies on the bed

Their journey continued to the LA Animal Rescue, where they would spend their joyful days together, eventually becoming ready for adoption. Here, they not only reveled in each other’s company as a genuine, contented family but also shared their love and exuberance with other dogs, bringing daily joy to the dedicated staff caring for them.


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