The cute cat has a hobby of collecting hair ties and loves having his owner tie his hair for him. P

Aloe, since her kitten days, has had a peculiar preference for unconventional playthings; she’s never been interested in the standard cat toys. Instead, her absolute favorite playthings are hair ties. For Aloe, they hold a special place in her heart, and as long as she has her treasured hair ties, she’s a content and cheerful cat.


One day, Aloe’s mom, Anne Tam, noticed her feline friend lying on the floor with her paw outstretched, seemingly trying to retrieve something wedged under the washing machine. Assuming it was just one hair tie, Anne decided to lend a hand. However, what she discovered was beyond her expectations.


Anne recounted the moment, saying, “I believed she had gotten a single hair tie jammed under there, so I grabbed a clothes hanger and slipped it under the washer.” But to her surprise, approximately 30 hair ties emerged from beneath the washing machine.


Aloe, in her quest for assistance, inadvertently unveiled her secret hoard of hair ties. Although this wasn’t her initial plan, she relished having them all laid out in front of her. It turned out to be a delightful revelation.


“I think Aloe was in paradise when she saw them,” Tam remarked. “She sat there and gazed for a second before pawing at everyone” (which caused some of them to fly back underneath the washer). It was a comical and entertaining spectacle.


Of course, now that her mom has uncovered her stash, it doesn’t mean Aloe will cease her hair tie hoarding habit. These hair ties are her most cherished possessions, and as long as they’re scattered around the house, she’ll continue to find ways to play with them and stash them away for safekeeping.

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