The creature has an extremely strange appearance, seemingly a hybrid of many animals, attracting the attention of many local people. P

At the close of 2020, on a moderately popular forum known as Naira Land, there emerged a topic that captivated the curiosity of members worldwide—a mysterious creature captured by Filipino fishermen. As recounted in the forum, the fishermen, baffled by their catch, decided to photograph the enigmatic creature and share it online, hoping that someone could shed light on its true identity.


From the shared image, one could discern that the creature possessed an exceedingly strange, almost eerie appearance, seemingly a hybrid of multiple animals. Its lower body bore resemblance to a sea elephant, seal, or sea lion, adorned in a gray hue, and carried significant weight. Yet, it sported a petite yellow tusk protruding from its snout, akin to that of a small elephant. Additionally, two oar-like appendages on either side of its body facilitated swimming.


This peculiar creature’s appearance attracted the attention of numerous locals, both adults and children alike. Many admitted to never having encountered anything remotely similar, not since their own childhoods.


As speculation swirled regarding the creature’s identity, forum members ventured various guesses. Some likened it to an alien, while others proposed a combination of seals, elephants, and pigs. One imaginative soul even suggested it resembled a cross between a buffalo and a seal. Yet, another voice argued that it resembled a platypus.


The mystery deepened as opinions diverged, with some humorously suggesting it was a result of a sea cow’s unusual coupling. Eventually, one individual posited that it was, in fact, a dugong, belonging to the same family as manatees. This answer seemed to resonate most convincingly.


Ultimately, it was revealed that the creature captured by the Filipino fishermen was a dugong, a mammal that inhabits subtropical coastal regions. Manatees are its only relatives within its range, spanning waters across the Indo-West Pacific, encompassing approximately 40 countries and territories.


The dugong, also known as the sea cow or mermaid (scientifically named Dugong), boasts a unique diamond-shaped body, thick skin, and the ability to change color in harmony with the algae on its skin. Instead of vertical fins, it features horizontal ones, and its eyesight is poor while its sense of smell is acute. Sea cows utilize their upper lips to graze underwater, and their seemingly tusk-like structures are actually incisors.

In the end, the creature’s enigma was solved, and the captivating story of the Filipino fishermen’s curious catch was unveiled, reaffirming the boundless wonders of our natural world.

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