The compassionate police officer assisted the expectant mother and later chose to adopt her newborn baby, leaving everyone deeply moved.TS

Amidst the uniform and stern facade of a police officer, there beats a compassionate human heart. Officer Jesse Whitten, a 33-year-old from the Santa Rosa Police Department in California, exemplifies this truth as he became not just a guardian of the law but a father of five through an extraordinary act of kindness.



In the spring of 2018, Officer Whitten crossed paths with a pregnant woman while on duty. She was grappling with substance addiction and had been involved in an altercation. During the car ride to the detention center, he struck up a conversation with her and learned about her life, something that often occurred in his line of work. However, this time, there was a unique connection, as Officer Whitten was familiar with her other children from his involvement with a foster care camp.


Like many others, he had heard about her life and her story, and knowing her other two children from the camp gave him an immediate bond with her. Despite her challenging circumstances, he could see the love she had for her children.


Witnessing her struggle, Officer Whitten made a personal commitment to help her. Initially contemplating taking her to a homeless shelter, he eventually decided to transport her to a detoxification and rehabilitation center, with her consent.

During one encounter with the pregnant woman before her admission to the facility, Officer Whitten was in the company of his wife, Ashley Whitten. At that moment, the pregnant woman took Ashley’s hand and placed it on her belly. It was a poignant gesture that would later prove to be significant.


Despite the woman’s subtle hint, the Whittens didn’t give serious consideration to the idea of adopting the unborn child at that time. Ashley and Jesse already had three children of their own: Reese, 7 years old; Kendall, 5 years old; and Stella, just 3 years old. The prospect of adding a fourth child wasn’t part of their immediate plans. Little did they know that fate had a different plan in store for them.

On February 9th, the woman gave birth to her baby, whom they named Harlow. Sadly, due to the substances her mother had been consuming during pregnancy, Harlow had them in her system as well. With the woman lacking a stable home, county authorities became involved.


When asked if she wanted to arrange emergency placement in a foster care facility for her baby, the woman declined, insisting that they call Officer Whitten, whom she had met months ago. She shared her vision of her daughter playing in tutus with her new sisters and expressed her desire for Harlow to join their family.


After careful consideration, Ashley also agreed to initiate the adoption process for Harlow. Thus, Harlow officially became the legal daughter of the Whittens. Her middle name, Maisey, was chosen in honor of her biological mother.


Jesse Whitten instantly fell in love with Harlow, describing her as adorable and noting that she stopped crying as soon as they touched her, knowing she was safe.


Officer Jesse Whitten’s exceptional act of adopting Harlow illustrates his extraordinary generosity and compassion. Beyond his duty as a police officer, he has proven that a simple act of humanity can have a profound impact. With her new family, 7-month-old Harlow is destined for a brighter and undoubtedly better future.

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