The calf was born with two heads, two mouths, two noses, two tongues and three eyes, surprising the community. P

In a rural area of Quang Nam, Vietnam, a remarkable and unusual event unfolded as a buffalo owned by a local resident gave birth to a calf unlike any other. This calf was born with two heads, two mouths, two noses, two tongues, and three eyes, leaving the community astonished.


The owner of this exceptional calf is Mr. Le Van Su, a resident of Tra Long village in Binh Trung commune, Thang Binh district, Quang Nam. The birth of the calf took place on August 19th, and Mr. Su was present to witness this extraordinary event.


During the birthing process, Mr. Su noticed that the calf’s legs emerged first, followed by an exceptionally large head that seemed impossible to deliver naturally. Consequently, he had to intervene and assist in the calf’s delivery by hand.

Following the birth, Mr. Su was surprised to see that the calf had a truly unique appearance, with two heads fused together. Remarkably, aside from the unusual heads, the body and limbs of the calf appeared entirely normal.


The mother buffalo allowed the calf to stand and move around normally, but due to the weight and size of its two heads, it faced difficulties when attempting to nurse from its mother. To address this issue, Mr. Su had to purchase fresh milk and bottle-fed the calf to ensure its nourishment and well-being.


Despite his efforts, the calf exhibited signs of weakness and declining health. Mr. Su is hopeful that a research institution or expert can provide support and care for this extraordinary calf, as its condition continues to deteriorate.


Mr. Su shared his concerns about the calf’s health, fearing that it may not survive due to its inability to suckle on its own. Word of this unusual birth quickly spread, attracting curious onlookers who visited Mr. Su’s home to observe, take photographs, and record videos for sharing on social media platforms like Facebook. The high number of visitors became disruptive to their daily agricultural activities, leading Mr. Su’s family to close their doors to manage the situation.

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