The Broad-billed Tody: A Cute Bird with a Unique Profile.TS

The narrow-billed tody, scientifically known as Todus angustirostris, is a delightful avian species that shares the typical characteristics of the tody family. It is a petite and stocky bird, weighing merely 7.5 grams (0.26 oz). Its appearance is a harmonious blend of vibrant colors.

The upperparts and head of this tody species are adorned in brilliant shades of green, giving it a lively and eye-catching appearance. Notably, it features a striking carmine red chin and throat, which are separated by a slender mallar stripe, adding to its charm.

Moving down its petite frame, you’ll find that the sides of the neck and breast are cloaked in a dusky shade of gray, providing a captivating contrast to the rest of its plumage.

The breast and belly regions are pristine white, contributing to its overall elegance. The flanks of this tody exhibit a lovely pinkish to red hue, while the upper wings continue the theme of vivid green. If you were to catch a glimpse of its underwing area, you’d notice it has a pleasant yellowish tinge, completing the beautiful palette of colors that define the narrow-billed tody.

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