The baby with the same beauty as her mother surprised many people. A lovely miniature version of an angel.TS

The adorable and charming appearance of the baby girl has captivated everyone who lays eyes on her.

Every expectant mother hopes for a beautiful and healthy baby. Mrs. Cam Van, who resides in Dak Nong, is one of those mothers who feels incredibly fortunate because her daughter was born with the appearance of an angel. With her high-bridged nose, rosy lips, and fair complexion, the newborn girl already possesses the looks of a beauty queen.

But that’s not all – the baby also wears a bright and infectious smile. Everyone praises her for having a “beauty queen” aura, so it’s safe to say that she’ll grow up to be incredibly charming. The photo of her exquisite pose has gone viral, and mothers are eagerly hoping that their children will also have such a high pose.

Baby Minh had the look of a little angel right from the start with her Western-style high pose.

As predicted, little Minh Anh (nicknamed Minh) becomes even more adorable as she grows older. Approaching her first birthday, Minh is lively, active, and quick-witted. Despite her young age, her mother, Mrs. Van, mentioned that Minh has already learned a lot and can move around proficiently.

Regarding her daughter’s appearance, which has received many compliments, the mother of two expressed her happiness not only about Minh’s pleasant appearance but also her health, good behavior, and obedience to her mother.

Her cuteness melts everyone’s hearts.

“Usually, all babies have high poses when they’re born because their faces are slim. Currently, Minh appears a bit shorter, but she still has a pose bridge. I believe she’ll grow taller as she gets older. Right now, she eats and sleeps well, and she clings to me a bit, but she hasn’t disturbed our nights since she was born. In my opinion, a cute and lovely baby will receive love and attention from everyone and stand out. However, appearance is just one aspect, so expectant mothers shouldn’t worry. Children are precious, so as long as they are healthy, parents are lucky and happy, right? So, expectant mothers should focus on eating well and staying healthy for the proper development of the baby,” Mrs. Van shared.

Her appearance makes many people fondly remember her!

Having two incredibly beautiful daughters, Mrs. Van has been advised by many to have more children. Despite her strong desire, she has decided not to have more children due to concerns about her health and the difficulties of pregnancy. Instead, she will focus on raising her two lovely daughters to the best of her ability.

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