The adorable puppy was cruelly left in a trash bag. The heart-wrenching screams of fear attracted the attention of everyone around and luckily they promptly rescued the puppy.TS

Last week, our dedicated rescuer, Lien, had an unexpected encounter on her way home from the supermarket in Can Tho, Vietnam. She stumbled upon a bag that seemed to emit faint signs of life. Filled with a sense of dread, she cautiously opened the bag, only to discover a heart-wrenching sight – a tiny puppy had been cruelly abandoned inside.

Without a second thought, Lien whisked the helpless puppy, whom she lovingly named Bun, to her home. It didn’t take long to realize that Bun was not just abandoned but also injured on her back leg. Determined to help, the very next day, Lien and her team rushed Bun to a local veterinarian for the care she desperately needed.

Despite the odds stacked against her, Bun displayed unwavering bravery and resilience throughout the treatment process. With the combined efforts of our dedicated rescuers and the skilled veterinarian, Bun’s recovery slowly but surely began to take shape.

Thanks to the compassionate actions of Lien and our team, Bun has been granted a precious second chance at life. Today, she thrives in her new forever home, where she is showered with love and affection. Her transformation from a fragile, abandoned puppy to a happy and healthy companion is a testament to the significance of animal welfare and the remarkable power of kindness and compassion towards all living beings.

This heartwarming story serves as a poignant reminder of the essential role each of us can play in making the world a better place for animals in need.

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