Surprising Revelation: Infant Develops a Tail up to 13cm Long 5 Months After Birth.NT

Niu Niu was born with a rare spinal malformation that resulted in a fissure in her vertebrae, creating space for her spinal cord. As time passed, her family noticed that this fissure was developing into a tail-like structure, and it was growing rapidly.


Concerned about their child’s well-being, Niu Niu’s family took her to the hospital and requested that her tail be amputated. However, the hospital has not approved the surgery yet, as it could potentially have adverse effects on the baby’s health, including symptoms such as paralysis and loss of bodily control.MOTREVI NEWS

Niu Niu’s tail started forming while she was still in her mother’s womb, and it is believed to be linked to a deficiency of folic acid before and during pregnancy. This condition has been previously observed in China, with another 7-month-old infant named Tieu Vy having a 10-centimeter-long tail. parents also pleaded with doctors to remove their son’s tail, but the hospital was hesitant to proceed with the surgery.MOTREVI NEWS

On a more positive note, a 4-month-old Chinese girl underwent successful surgery to remove her tail.

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