Stepping Up for Friendship: A Heartwarming Story of a Dog’s Connection Across the Wall.TS

As two towering Great Danes, Vito and Bambino have no trouble at all peeking over the wall that runs between their yard and the neighbor’s.

But not everyone is so vertically gifted.

About six months ago, Vito and Bambino got a new neighbor — a chocolate Lab named Giuseppe.

His arrival came as an exciting development for the Danes, but exchanging proper greetings proved to be a challenge.

The wall is just too high for Giuseppe to see over.

“He has tried many times to jump up and get a good whiff of his big doggy friends whenever we’re all outside,” Afton Tarin, Vito and Bambino’s mom, told The Dodo.

But then Giuseppe’s family had an “aha” moment.

“Giuseppe would furiously jump as high as he could and try to say hello. I would always say, ‘If you only had a step stool,’” Robert Carnes, Giuseppe’s dad, told The Dodo.

But then he remembered they actually did have one.

“I had one of my kids go in and grab the stool,” Carnes said.

And with that, Giuseppe could suddenly see his doggy neighbors eye-to-eye.

Giuseppe’s dad snapped a pic of this innovation and sent it to Vito and Bambino’s mom. She loved it.

“My initial reaction was to bust up laughing,” Tarin said. “Seeing his little feet fully extended and his tail all blurred out from wagging too fast, I couldn’t help it. So stinkin’ cute. It definitely gives you that feel-good feeling.”

Fortunately, even with the step stool, there isn’t always a wall between Giuseppe and the Danes. Since their parents have gotten to know one another, and seen the blossoming friendship between their pups, they’ve all begun taking walks together.

It’s nice to know, however, that on other occasions, the wall no longer divides them entirely.

“The boys really enjoy each other,” Tarin said. “It’s super nice having that sort of relationship with our next-door neighbors.”

Giuseppe, along with Vito and Bambino, no doubt feel the same.

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