Small but agile, the fastest hands in the world : The cute way babies handle food.(T)

Certain young toddlers encounter challenges in coordinating their movements while mastering the art of eating, often engaging in playful interactions with their food. They might allow it to touch their toes, their palms, or even their countenances. Numerous parents discover this delightful exhibition endearing and enchanting, even if it results in a bit of a mess.

For children, mealtime is more than just nourishment; it’s a multisensory experience. Playing with food is a natural part of their exploration and development.


Through tactile sensations, they learn about different textures, temperatures, and shapes. By squishing, smearing, or even finger-painting with their food, children actively engage their senses, fostering a deeper connection with what they eat.

This messy eating behavior is a reflection of a child’s curiosity and innate desire to learn. It is an opportunity for them to experiment, exercise their autonomy, and develop their fine motor skills.

By manipulating food, they gain a better understanding of its properties, honing their ability to grasp, pinch, and self-feed. This playful approach to eating encourages independence and self-confidence in their early stages of development.

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