Rescuing captive dogs to provide meat. A commendable action by people with warm hearts and love for dogs.TS

We received a report about a heartwarming family of stray dogs who have been through quite an adventure.

When we came to their area for help, my heart broke because all family members were severely skin-and-bone.

The dog we call Dog Number 3, he’s terrified, his skin and fur in tatters.

We know that the owner raised this family for money and will sell to dog meat markets.

I don’t know what happened to them, but it seems they are all terrified to human.

There are no clear food sources, and where there.

Both puppies we named Puppy 1 and 2.

They cannot stop shivering because fear to humans. I have no word to say, my heart broken into many pieces.

The puppy 4 and the mother dog tied in heavy chain, the mother still skin-and-bone, but the puppies are still in calm and barking to us.

But puppies 4 may be barked because they feel they’re scared.

We must to rescue them immediately before too late!

The puppy 2, we named Noah, after checking her health at the Vet!

She was rescued and today is the first day in her new forever home.

Noah can’t come out of under the sofa today because she’s scared.

Day 2: Noah didn’t eat and also hid under the sofa all night long.

Perhaps Noah couldn’t sleep in an unfamiliar place away from her mother, and brothers.

Today, they can’t come out of out to avoid from scare to dog today because she’s scared.

The canine marks left on this delicate baby’s neck. My heart broken.

The mother and puppy 4 was rescued by @gumbi_baeksul,

The mother was taken to the Vet for checking her health.

She have problems with parasite and heartworm, and treatement.

The mother have a name now – Injee. Today is the first day in her new forever home.

Noah and Injee meet under the warm sun, both still scared.

Both puppies Nam and Nyang meet underneath the fence, both still scared.

By the time both meet Noah and Nyang little trust to human.

Noah, we named Yellow.

Yellow, who was always crouching in the corner because he was the most timid time after time,

with the least weight, the shortest strand of his neck, was hurt again by people like that,

We always think that we should keep our faith in people and life.


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