“Remarkable Rescue of Brave Dog with Partially Severed Nose at Meat Farm”.

One such dog is Angel, a Belgian Shepherd mix, who was rescued by activists during transport to a Changchun slaughterhouse with a dozen other dogs. Despite severe injuries, Angel was sweet and grateful for the safety of her new environment.

A few months later, Angel was adopted by Hollie Cornes, who happens to be a military dog trainer with extensive experience working with animals. Despite her expertise, Hollie was heartbroken to see the extent of the damage that had been inflicted on the innocent dog.

Determined to give Angel a better life, Hollie shared pictures of her new furry companion on social media, and the dog quickly gained a large following of fans eager to help and support her.

Although Angel seemed to be settling into her new life well, she began experiencing difficulty breathing. Hollie discovered that the dog had undergone surgery in Beijing prior to her adoption, and the procedure had caused damage to her nose.

The issue with Angel’s nose was complex and required costly treatment, including an almost $3,000 tomography. However, the expense was prohibitive for Hollie. Fortunately, a kind-hearted woman from Instagram offered to cover the cost, leaving Hollie and Angel grateful and amazed at the unexpected generosity.

Angel was only able to breathe through half of her nose, but further examination revealed that the remaining nostril was partially blocked by misplaced scar tissue. As Hollie observed, it was not just a cosmetic concern; Angel deserved to live a more comfortable and healthy life.

With only a 2-millimeter opening to breathe through, Angel was constantly struggling to breathe, and the wound in her nose was causing her to bleed regularly. After realizing the severity of the situation, Hollie and her team knew that surgery was the only option to improve Angel’s quality of life.

Thanks to a successful GoFundMe campaign, Angel was able to gather the necessary funds for her surgery. Many people were moved by her tragic past and contributed to the cause, eager to help her live a better life and enjoy her travels with Hollie to the fullest.

Angel’s life has undergone a remarkable transformation, and her story is a celebration of hope and resilience. Every puppy deserves a happy ending like hers, and her recovery is a testament to the power of kindness and compassion.

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