“Record Breaker: First Baby to Achieve 1 Million Likes on a Personal Instagram!”

In the enchanting world of social media, one tiny star has managed to shine brighter than ever before. Introducing Pam, affectionately known as @pamyeuoi, whose real name is Hai Duong but is often called Pamela by those who adore her. Pam is the adorable daughter of Salim (Hoang Kim Ngan) and her husband, Hai Long, making her a part of the captivating Salim family.

What caught the digital realm’s attention is a captivating photoset that exudes simplicity and sweetness. Wrapped in a pristine white scarf, Pam’s cherubic face takes center stage, framed by the soft fabric, revealing only her captivating expressions. Accompanying this heartwarming snapshot is a caption that cleverly references the lingering presence of the 2022 World Cup mascot even after the championship concluded: “The World Cup may be over, Messi might have claimed victory, but the mascot lingers – why?”

The undeniable highlight of these photos is Pam’s endearing square face adorned with plump cheeks, round twinkling eyes, and an array of heartwarming expressions that could melt even the coldest hearts.

These million-like moments found their place on @pamyeuoi’s personal Instagram account, when Pam’s parents shared them with the world on February 12th. Remarkably, in less than a month’s time, this delightful photo series has garnered over 1 million hearts. With this astounding achievement, Pam proudly stands as the first Vietnamese baby to amass such a milestone on her personal account, making history in the world of social media.

Salim’s journey to motherhood was publicly unveiled by Hai Long towards the end of 2021, and the arrival of Pam graced the family on the very first day of 2022. With parents deeply rooted in different spheres – Hai Long, a young magnate in the garment industry, and Salim, a popular figure – Pam was destined to attract attention from the get-go.

As Lunar New Year festivities graced the calendar, Pam adorned the traditional Ao Dai attire, creating a series of heartwarming photographs that added to her online charm.

While not even a year old, Pam has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media. Her personal Instagram account (@pamyeuoi) boasts a following of over 90k admirers, with each post accumulating tens of thousands of likes. In the age of digital connections, Pam has proven that even the tiniest among us can make the biggest impact on hearts across the globe.

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