QL The homeless boy and the dog warmed themselves with sincere warmth, touching passers-by. (Video)

Have you ever wondered what an act of true love is? For some, it may be giving materially, while for others it may be simply spending time with that special person.

For some people, the act of love can be shared with someone who is not part of their family, but perhaps with friends or loved ones.

People rarely think about animals like stray dogs or cats because it’s about sharing love. These are the creatures who are capable of showing you this true commercial love. That is true love.

It is not known if the child who appears in the photo was adopted by his parents or is an orphan. Fortunately, there are still a large number of street children who spend their days wandering from one place to another to get something to eat.

Receive me, the photo of his home boy sleeping on the side of the road hugging his dog, who has become his faithful friend and only family, has gone viral.

The heartbreaking image reveals two small creatures, a child and a dog, sleeping on the sidewalk while traffic ignores them, aware that there are two bodies in the only one crying in silence to be saved.

The boy has not been identified so far, it is only known that he slept with his pet on the sidewalk near the climb station in Mapila, Philippines.

This little boy, despite everything that happened, abandoned his dog, showing great courage and the true measure of love and loyalty.

The cool photos taken by Jem Villomo, a young resident who lives in the city, shared them on his Facebook page in the hope of building a business and waking up to someone who can give them all the help they deserve.

“But so that you can see where all this acidic pleasure in life is worth the time, the price and the reverence.”

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