QL Loyal dogs never criticize their poor owners, even if they lack things, they are always full of love. (Video)

The man’s desperate plea for a home for his beloved dog is touching many hearts. Her tears of pain eat even the hardest heart, that is why the networks have not been able to stop reacting to the situation like this.

Certainly, many times we take the things we receive in life for granted. And now, after having lived through the worst of the pandemic, even the roof to stay in can become a luxury for some.

That is why the drama of all beings: human and hairy, who, due to the scourge of poverty and social injustice, are forced to wander the streets, in the midst of hunger and loneliness, is the harshest reality for us. You can leave things different. No matter how common it is to our eyes.

One of the countries where these heartbreaking scenes disappear day by day is Brazil.

It is the story that recently has greatly moved social networks, caught by a wave of reactions.

This is a poor man without a roof, who has made enormous efforts to take care of his dog, his companion in adventures and misery.

His wife, Eliaпe Rocha, resides in Satos, Brazil, and loves animals, so when he saw him on the street he could not stop being moved and stopped to talk to the beggar.

She said that the puppy has been living with the man for 2 years, since it was just a puppy. He always did everything to get food for both of them, but now with the shortage of tourists, he no longer knows what to do to take care of his dog as he deserves and he is really devastated.

He has come to think that the most fair thing for the little dog is to give him the opportunity to find a home where he will love him and go hungry, but just thinking about it breaks his heart.

This is the image of the man that Eliaпe shared on social networks

This man lives on the street and when I passed by him, he begged me to take his dog because he coveted me more to take care of him (I have a dog and two cats, yes he coveted to take more care of him)”, wrote Eliaпe eп sυ publication

The little dog is not neutered, it is more jυgυetóп. He keeps it with a collar because he can be run over, so he has no danger. He wants to give the dog to someone else, so that someone really knows how to take care of him and give him the love he deserves. He even cried, I felt so sorry for the two of them,” Eliaпe added.

The really sad thing is that the little dog knows more about his home than the man, and it is his eternal life. And in case of separation, the man knows that the little guy would suffer a lot, but he has another option.

Elia has asked me to write to her through a message on her social profile, in case someone is interested in adopting the dog. It would break this poor homeless man’s heart, but he would be happy for what he got.

It is most regrettable that these humble people, that within their few possibilities, give such love to these defenseless creatures, are forced to separate due to poverty and few opportunities. We sincerely hope that your life changes so that you don’t have to say goodbye.

That a person with a bad heart has to find themselves between a rock and a hard place breaks their soul. Let’s help this good man to fulfill his deep desire.

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