Poor homeless dog with ugly appearance is rejected, shunned in the park

The Pennsylvania SPCA is currently seeking any leads or information related to a distressing incident involving a dog discovered tied to a tree in Pennypack Park, located in Northeast Philadelphia earlier this week.

The innocent dog was found by the Animal Care and Control Team and was swiftly brought to the attention of the SPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Team for immediate medical attention. Although the shelter staff initially named her Lovie, they have since decided to call her Lavender.

Lovie/Lavender was found with a facial wound that has significantly altered her appearance, prompting veterinary experts to investigate the cause of her injury. It is suspected that the mishap may have resulted in damage to her nasal passages, leaving no visible nostrils on her face. While she is able to breathe through her mouth, it remains uncertain whether she will regain normal breathing patterns.

The SPCA’s Law Enforcement unit is appealing for assistance from the public to locate the dog’s owner or gather any information related to her case. Their primary focus is to provide Lavender with the necessary medical care before transitioning her into the next phase of her life.

Numerous unanswered questions surround Lavender’s circumstances. How did she end up abandoned in the woods of Pennypack Park, all alone? This remains a mystery that the PSPCA is diligently working to unravel. Nicole Wilson, who oversees the organization’s humane law enforcement, urges anyone with information about Lavender to come forward. She firmly believes that there must be someone out there who possesses crucial information about this unfortunate dog and what transpired. By speaking up, individuals can contribute to bringing justice and closure to Lavender’s case.

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