Others said she was a waste of effort, but the unconscious, dying dog refused to give in, still fighting for her own life.

When Animal Aid got a heartbreaking call about a dying dog in the middle of the road, they rushed over. They tried to remain optimistic, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Although she was dying, the rescue group knew that many of their dogs have been in such grave shape and still pulled through. But this dog… she wasn’t even conscious. Poor baby!

The vet and his technician didn’t hesitate to try and save her. Back at the rescue center, they evaluated her immediately. She remained semi-conscious. As they checked her over, they didn’t find any broken bones but her neurological exam showed poor results. What did this mean for the poor puppy? Would she be able to pull through? At this point, they weren’t sure but they refused to give up on her!


They named the little puppy Sona.
Sona suffered from a serious head injury. The wound around it was small but they tended to it. Then they put in an IV and administered essential nutrients and antibiotics.

By Sona’s third day, the wonderful woman volunteer tried to get her to eat. She wanted to but still couldn’t swallow properly.

By the sixth day, Sona was able to swallow better although she still couldn’t hold her head up on her own.


On the tenth day, Sona moved on her own. She pretty much swam around. It was tragically obvious that the little girl had a long way to go. However, she was more alert and determined.

While Sona’s neurological injuries were severe, they were possibly correctable. This little girl had so much fight in her. She inspired everyone around her!

In six weeks, Sona took her first steps upright. They were so hard on her! But she refused to give up!

Several weeks later– this is Sona now! She is still wobbly but is incredibly strong. She’s happily living with her foster family. She has the drive to play. And of course, the drive to snuggle!

Did we forget to mention that Sona loves kittens? YUP!


Sona is the epitome of strength and we admire her and her rescuers deeply. Click on the video below and watch her incredible story. Thank you, Animal Aid, for never giving up on this sweet girl!

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