No one adopted the paralyzed dog, but the old woman took it home and took care of it with all the love she had (VIDEO)

A kind  grandmother moved the world with her tears of pain when she had to temporarily part with the paralyzed dog she rescued . What she did for him was great, and the outcome of this beautiful love story touches the soul.

All animals deserve to be protected and loved regardless of their condition. Unfortunately, some are mercilessly discriminated against, but they find solace in human beings willing to offer them a chance.

Most of the time those who have the least  are the ones who help the most unprotected animals.

This grandmother  helped a paralyzed dog that no one wanted. Bong  is an animal that had a normal life, he ran around playing with other furry animals in the streets, until one morning  he woke up with paralysis in his hind legs.

The grandmother rescued the paralyzed dog that no one wanted to give him the life he deserved


Instead of offering him medical attention,  they put him in a box and abandoned him  in a trash can, as if it were a useless package.

This grandmother heard his screams, rescued him and decided to take care of him. She recognized that the dog lived in the neighborhood and knew that  he was left to his fate due to his condition .

How could they abandon him and leave him like this to his fate? They have no heart!

Although the woman was very poor, she had plenty of love to give and did everything possible to improve the dog’s quality of life. She cleaned him and kept him warm, fed, bathed and most of all full of love.

Every night she covered him with bandages made with her own hands with a lot of love.

She was always careful so that he didn’t get hurt when crawling, she carried him in a basket and even  covered his little legs to protect him from the cold ground.

Granny couldn’t be happier to take care of him as Bong needed.

Bong learned to love her and thanked her for the love she gave him; he never left her side for a single moment.

Grandma’s neighbor  visited them with his dog so that Bong could play and distract himself. 

Every time Bong saw her he got very excited, but when she had to go home he tried to follow her and got frustrated because her condition did not allow her to walk.

The little dog looked distressed at how the other dogs could walk and run , as he did before.

The grandmother suffered a lot when she saw that because she did not have sufficient financial resources, she could not offer Bong specialized medical care.

“He is suffering, if he had been found and adopted by a rich family  they could pay for the vet  and help him walk,” said the grieving woman.

However, since her case was spread on the networks, several people showed solidarity and helped her with food, gifts, and a new bed. But  they also offered to take the dog to the vet and pay the expenses.

It was a sad moment in which they had to say goodbye temporarily to give him a better life. Impossible not to be moved!

Bong  was diagnosed with spinal myelitis,  70% of dogs with this disease manage to regain mobility.

Grandma cried with joy when she heard the news, she had mixed feelings because, although she was infinitely pleased that Bong would improve her life, it also  hurt to have to say goodbye to him for a few weeks.

Bong  began his treatment with the hope of returning to his  old self:

Although it was a difficult process, volunteers and veterinarians did everything possible to make him fully recovered.

Granny and Bong were destined to be best friends,  they met again when the little one was already recovered.  And so both would accompany each other every day, facing adversity and living to the fullest.

For unconditional love, in any field, nothing is impossible  and this is demonstrated by this case in which Bong had a new beginning.

And if she was able to offer her help to the dog she saw so weak and immobile, it is clear that  we can all lend a hand to animals suffering  the ravages of abandonment.

No matter their condition, they deserve a chance to feel loved and protected.

Luckily, the dog managed to recover and can now run again, the grandmother who adopted him could not be more happy and grateful. We have no excuses for not doing true miracles with these creatures. It’s just a matter of love!

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