“Neglected Pit Bull Suffers in Silence on the Streets, Overlooked Amidst Breed Bias from Onlookers.”

People began to turn their backs on her when she needed assistance the most. What is the reason for this? It’s because she’s a Pit Bull. She born into a breed that has a negative reputation.

She did not seek out this title, which barely reflects a tiny fraction of these dogs classified as dangerous. In reality, Matilda, the Pit Bull, was anything but aggressive. Some people, however, didn’t give it any thought at all.

Matilda was dragged through the streets, her body covered in terrible wounds. People who encountered her believed she was a result of dogfighting. But because she was labeled as a “Pit Bull,” people were afraid to assist her. She stayed on the streets, walking aimlessly about in search of food.

Matilda wasn’t a fighter, though. Her injuries weren’t the result of a battlefield trauma. She had leishmaniasis, which was causing her skin damage.

Matilda was eventually treated by a rescue organization that recognized her breed’s limitations. The doctor began treating Matilda’s painful illness. Despite being a Pit Bull, despite living on the streets and being rejected by many people, Matilda was the kindest, sweetest, and most loving dog imaginable.

She had no hatred towards other humans. She desired their touch and affection more than anything else in the world.

During her treatment, a dog trainer from the rescue squad decided to foster Matilda. She really started to blossom at his house. His other rescue dogs made excellent friends with her. She spent many hours playing with her new pack and snuggling with them. She was finally accepted, giving her a fresh lease of life.

The dog trainer fell in love with Matilda – who can blame him? He officially adopted her, and what happened next is simply incredible – WOW! You’re going to LOVE the video below.

Matilda’s personality blossomed even more! Her ability to read canine and human body language, her unwavering patience, and her impressive social skills made her the ideal candidate for her new father to trust with newbies. Matilda’s social graces are so great that when she spends time with a dog in need of assistance, it doesn’t take long for him to realize exactly what he should do.

She teaches others how to play without biting, how to accept their surroundings and relax. Her energy is simply contagious. And this has, in turn, made other unadoptable dogs into success stories.

Although she is a Pit Bull, Matilda doesn’t give a damn. 🙂  Others don’t care either, since they are aware of the myth that dogs’ personalities can be determined by their physical appearance!

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