Marvel at Mohammed’s Incredible Triumph Over Challenges.TS

The Mısaytıf family, enduring the hardships of living in a relative’s tent within the refugee camps of Idlib, where civilians sought shelter from the attacks by the Assad regime in Syria, desperately awaits assistance for their 14-month-old child, Muhammed, who was born without limbs.

Muhammed, who cannot play with his peers because he was born without legs and arms, spends most of the day with his cat.

Halit Mısaytıf, the father of little Muhammed, stated that his son was born without arms and legs.

Mısaytıf said, “Muhammed needs constant attention and care. He needs to be held all the time. We are living here in the camp, and we can’t protect him from the extreme heat and cold.”

“I struggle to find my child’s milk,” continued Mısaytıf, who faces difficulties due to injuries he sustained to his legs during the attacks by the Assad regime. “I can’t find work. It’s hard for me to afford my child’s milk. The price of medicine is much higher than before. I hope Muhammed can continue his life like all other children.”

Mısaytıf, pointing out that they cannot meet Muhammed’s daily needs due to his lack of arms and legs, added, “We have a hard time getting his milk, medicine, and diapers. Hopefully, in the future, he can go abroad and get prosthetics. All I want is for Muhammed to live like other children. Hopefully, I can provide a happy life for Muhammed.”

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