“Loyal Canine Shadows Ambulance, Maintains Vigil at Hospital, Anticipating the Reunion with Ailing Owner.”

It’s often said that a pup is man’s best companion, and Boncuk has proven to be just such an awe-inspiring friend. When her human, Cemal Senturk, was taken away in an ambulance for medical treatment at Trabzon Hospital in Turkey, Boncuk ran after it all the way there and then waited outside of the hospital until her beloved owner returned.

Every night, Aynur Egeli would bring Boncuk home with her from the hospital. Nevertheless, every morning at precisely nine o’clock, Boncuk would faithfully set off and return to Senturk’s bedside before dusk. She remained vigilantly stationed outside his door until it grew dark out.

Hospital security guard Muhammet Akdeniz relayed to DHA that Boncuk made her presence known at the hospital every day, sticking her head in as soon as a door opened. Nevertheless, she never ventured inside; rather, she waited patiently for days until her owner’s release from the medical facility.

Boncuk’s wish was finally granted when Senturk was wheeled outside of the hospital so they could meet in person once more. Later that day, he blissfully returned home to their abode with Boncuk by his side. It became very evident how much these two were connected and cherished each other’s company!


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