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Going Beyond the Norm: A Californian Family’s Unique Journey with Three Toddlers and Two Giant Dogs.

In a world where most young families would find themselves content with three lively toddlers, meet Joshua Fisher and his wife Bee from Long Beach, California, who decided to add an extra twist to their family dynamics by bringing two enormous dogs into the mix. The results? Utterly adorable!

Their story began with Joshua’s dream of having a horse, but practicality led them to opt for giant dogs instead. After extensive research on dog breeds suitable for children, they settled on Newfoundlands.

The internet has fallen in love with the heartwarming photos shared by Joshua and Bee, which beautifully showcase the remarkable bond between their bear-like dogs and their three young sons.

The Fisher family introduced their first dog, the one-year-old Ralphie, to their clan in 2014. However, their love for these gentle giants led them to expand their furry family with the addition of Boss a year later.

Newfoundlands are renowned for their massive size, with some individuals tipping the scales at over 126 pounds and measuring up to a staggering six feet from nose to tail. When Joshua and Bee first encountered these gentle giants, they were initially taken aback by their sheer size. Still, their fluffy and endearing appearance ultimately won them over.

Bee shared her initial reaction, saying, “We didn’t realize how big they were until we went to get Ralphie from the breeders. When we first saw the older dogs, we were shocked and we were laughing. Ralphie was this fluffy teddy bear, and now he’s grown, he’s not as giant as some can be – so Joshua wanted another and somehow convinced me.”

Their three young sons, Lenox, Cruz, and Tegan, are absolutely fascinated by the dogs’ size. Lenox finds comfort in cuddling with the dogs and occasionally using them as his own personal lounging spot. Meanwhile, three-year-old Cruz is always eager to play with his furry friends. As for eight-month-old Tegan, who hasn’t started crawling yet, it’s only a matter of time before he explores the world alongside his giant companions.

Ralphie, the older of the two, currently weighs in at 125 pounds, while Boss is a hefty 160 pounds and is expected to reach 190 pounds when fully grown.

Despite their imposing size, these Newfoundlands are incredibly gentle and loving with the children. The Fishers lovingly describe them as “lap dogs” and “gentle giants” who can accompany the family wherever they go.

However, there is one minor drawback to having such large pets: the drool. Joshua humorously mentions, “They slobber on work clothes – they shake their heads, and it goes flying everywhere. We have to keep emergency towels around the house. And their hair gets everywhere. It can be crazy but it is worth it.”

These heartwarming images of the Fisher family and their giant, gentle companions have captured the hearts of many, proving that when it comes to the love between dogs and their human families, size is just a number.

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