Little Matted Pup Looks Unrecognizable After Having A Much-Needed Grooming.

A few weeks ago, a tiny dog was found in quite a dire situation until a kind-hearted officer from the Orlando Police Department rescued him and gave him the necessary care.
The officer helped him remove his tangled mass of matted fur. Now, he looks utterly transformed and hardly recognizable.
On Monday, October 9th, the official Facebook page of the Orlando Police Department unveiled an incredibly endearing dog that had been saved by one of their dedicated officers.
Astonishingly, this dog, Sullivan, bore little resemblance to a typical dog; instead, it appeared as a heap of dirty rags, a poignant consequence of neglect, and an urgent requirement for grooming.
As reported by Fox35Orlando, the Orlando Police Department disclosed that Officer Rohlf encountered a little pup in distress, describing the dog’s condition as “really bad shape.” Photos shared on the police department’s social media platforms depicted the pup with unkempt, long, and tangled hair.
The Dog’s Condition Was “Really Bad”
Officer Rohlf promptly took Sullivan to Orange County Animal Services, where he received “much-needed care.”
Dannielle Southon, the founder of Central Florida Fosters, shared, “It was very clear that this little guy needed some help that he wasn’t getting at home. [It] was obviously heart-wrenching.”

The exact details of what happened to little Sullivan remain a mystery, but his encounter with the compassionate Officer Rohlf offered him a second chance at a joyful, thriving life.

After a kind volunteer at the shelter gave Sullivan a much-needed grooming, his adorable face was revealed for the first time in a while.

“Oh my gosh, such a change!” Southon said. “I can’t imagine how much better he feels having gotten rid of that dirty and smelly hair.”
Since then, Sullivan has not only become more at ease with his physical appearance but also with his overall spirit.
“He’s definitely very playful—which isn’t surprising given his age [1.5 years old]—and coming out of his shell every day,” Southon said. “He is so laid-back and chill, too, which is great for someone who wants a good all-around dog!”
Dannielle Southon - Sullivan's foster mom
Later on, when Dannielle Southon found that Sullivan’s owner couldn’t take care of him, she stepped in to give Sullivan a fresh start as his foster mom.
“Seeing his picture really pulled at my heart strings,” Southon said. “I knew from when I first met him that he was going to be a sweetie, as he immediately started giving me kisses when I met him.”
Dannielle Southon and her beloved dog
After experiencing remarkable positive changes, the little pup had a chance to meet the person who rescued him.
Sounthon arranged a reunion between Sullivan and Officer Rohlf, and she almost didn’t recognize him.
“She cried, I teared up. [Just] seeing how happy he was with her was so heartwarming,” Southon said. “She couldn’t get over how great he looked, and kept saying how he seemed like a totally different dog now.”
While Sullivan’s life has already started getting better, Southon believes that even greater days lie ahead when he finds a new family to call his own.
Southon is hopeful, saying, “He has been vaccinated and is now accepting applications for his FurEver home! Let’s find this boy the type of home he deserves!”
Sullivan’s journey from a neglected, matted fur-covered dog to an adorable, happy, and hopeful pup melted millions of hearts.
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