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If you’re considering hiring a birth photographer, you might have concerns about the privacy of your most intimate and vulnerable moments being exposed to the public. I can’t speak for all birth photographers, but as a professional in this field, I want to assure you that I never share any photos without your consent.

It is of utmost importance to me that my clients feel completely at ease inviting me into their birthing space and trust that the images I capture during their birthing journey will never be shared without their explicit permission.

This means that sometimes my website and social media galleries may not fully represent the recent or best work I’ve produced. Some of the most beautiful and poignant photographs I’ve taken will never be displayed publicly, except in my clients’ homes, for them and their families to cherish. In fact, many clients request total privacy and prefer that not a single photo from their birth is shared, making it a truly private experience unless you know them personally.

Furthermore, the photos you do see are always shared with the blessing of my clients.

I am a strong advocate for enthusiastic consent, so I never want anyone to feel pressured into sharing photos they aren’t completely comfortable with. While my contract includes a model release that outlines the types of photos (including the level of nudity or coverage) and the media platforms (such as social media, website, promotional materials) a client is comfortable with, I consider this a general guideline and respect the client’s final say.

Because the model release is reviewed before any photos are taken, I believe it’s essential that the photos are actually seen before making a final decision. After all, how one’s birthing experience unfolds can significantly impact their comfort level with sharing photos publicly. So, I never share anything that hasn’t been seen and approved by the client, even if they have signed a model release indicating their willingness to share any photo anywhere. I always seek final permission for specific photos or an entire gallery before posting them on my social media, website, or any other platform.

I firmly believe in the value of sharing photos that depict the various ways birth can occur and what it can look like. This empowers individuals to make informed choices about their own birthing experiences, showing them the real, powerful, and incredible aspects of childbirth, which may differ significantly from what they’ve seen in movies and media.

Of course, I appreciate clients who want to be a part of this mission. Some clients tell me that they felt empowered to choose home births, different birthing positions, or to hire a birth photographer, doula, midwife, or other support based on the birth photography they saw during their pregnancy. Now, they want to help show others their options too.

However, just as there are numerous reasons to share birth photos, there are just as many personal reasons not to share them. Just because I believe that accessible birth imagery is incredibly valuable for people planning their births doesn’t mean that any individual has to be the one to put it out there.

In the end, it’s essential to remember that while I love sharing my art (which also helps prospective clients decide whether to hire me to document their birth), it’s not my story. While the world undoubtedly benefits from seeing the vast and beautiful range of birth options available, it’s still not the world’s story.

It’s your birth. It’s your body. It’s your story.

If you’re eager to share your birth photos, I’m truly grateful. If you want to share certain photos but not others, I completely respect your choices. And if you don’t want to share any photos from your birth at all, I will never question your decision.

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