It was surprising and happy when the doctor introduced the expectant mother to giving birth to quadruplets with an extremely low rate of couples

Balancing the demands of a single baby or toddler can be quite a handful. Now, imagine multiplying those responsibilities by four. This is the daily reality for Tim and Bethany Webb, who have welcomed an extraordinary set of identical quadruplets. Adding to the uniqueness of their situation, Bethany is experiencing a highly uncommon condition during her pregnancy.

The Webb family’s circumstances are akin to hitting the jackpot. Not only were they blessed with quadruplets, but these quadruplets are also identical, a rarity that occurs in just one in 67 million births, comparable to winning a lottery.

Upon learning about the upcoming addition to their family, Tim and Bethany were taken aback. The prospect was particularly surprising since there was no history of twins or multiples in either of their families. Tim Webb reflects on the disbelief they encountered from others when sharing the news of the pregnancy.

In May of 2016, Abigail, Emily, Grace, and McKayla entered the world, gracing the Webb family with their presence. The family calls the quaint Albertan community of Hythe their home, nestled around 500 kilometers north of Edmonton, the capital of the province.

While a typical family with one child might go through five to seven diapers each day, this number quickly multiplies to thirty in their household. The laundry machine seems to be in constant operation, alongside the consumption of a substantial amount of infant formula and baby food. As the girls have grown and now consume food similar to their parents, the food expenses have slightly reduced. Yet, the bustling household continues to keep everyone busy.

The local community rallied together, raising fifty thousand Canadian dollars to offer a helping hand to the Webb family. Additionally, local volunteers, including the grandmother, have been and continue to be a vital source of assistance for the family and their growing brood.

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