It looks like someone intentionally abandoned the puppies by stuffing them into a suitcase and forgetting about them

Animals unfortunately cannot tell their stories of suffering, but if they could, without a doubt the ones we would hear most would be those of abandonment. In the United States, for example, around 40 million dogs do not have a shelter. For this reason, there are numerous institutions that depend on voluntary work focused on this problem.

As was the case on October 19th, when the Police Department of the city of Tampa, Florida, when investigating an abandoned suitcase, found an entire litter of puppies inside.

A dog that was desperately wandering around the region with one of the puppies was the one who caught the attention of two of the agents.

“Yesterday, two officers from the Tampa Police Department found a mother and her puppy running around in a busy neighborhood of Spruce, near the Dale Mabry Expressway, and brought them to us. After returning to the location to investigate further, they noticed a locked suitcase with squeals coming from inside it, with 6 puppies inside,” says the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

“We are so thankful they came back to the scene to save these puppies! Mom is here resting, and all 7 5 week old puppies are at our daycare center being cared for by our amazing staff. ”

The work of the police officers was essential for the activists to rescue the puppies, which is why they recognize the accident as being handled in the best possible way.

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