Introducing “Milkshake”: One of the rare Pug dogs in the world because of its special, beautiful blue eyes

Milkshake, the lovable pug with a rare pink coat, has captured the hearts of over 100,000 followers on social media. With its endearing squishy face and captivating blue eyes, Milkshake stands out among its kind as a truly remarkable character.

This distinctive pink color is the result of inheriting a lack of pigmentation from an albino pug in its lineage. Surprisingly, Milkshake doesn’t face any health issues related to this genetic pigmentation condition. He doesn’t experience vision problems, sensitivity to sunlight, or an increased risk of skin cancers.

Maria, a caring 33-year-old owner, couldn’t resist adopting Milkshake when she first laid eyes on the adorable pink pup among its siblings. Initially, she believed Milkshake was one of only 30 pink pugs in the world, but later discovered that there have been more litters.

Despite being a rare and unique pug, Milkshake is a happy and healthy boy who brings joy to his owner and fans alike.

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