“Introducing Luna: A Stunning Ragdoll Mix with Captivating Ocean-Blue Eyes, Rescued and Revived.” (T)

“Discover Luna: The Beautiful Ragdoll Mix Rescued with Eyes as Blue as the Ocean”

It’s a fact that all cats possess captivating eyes, some even have a stunning shade of green. Luna, for instance, has sea green eyes that are simply mesmerizing. Her eyes are so enchanting that people have started to follow her online and admire her beautiful poses. However, Luna’s journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. Fortunately, she was rescued by her human from a cat rescue center that saved her from being put down in a kill shelter.

Luna, a cute little kitten, was born on July 13, 2018, and currently resides in California with her loving cat mother. Her owner quickly discovered that Luna has a natural talent for posing in front of the camera. Luna seems to enjoy showing off her charm whenever she gets the chance. One picture captured her unique shadow that made it seem like Luna had expertly applied cat eyeliner.

luna the rescue ragdoll

Luna’s owner mentions that Luna is extremely affectionate and always stays close to her, almost like a shadow.

Luna the rescue ragdoll

Luna is just like the typical Ragdoll cat – endearing and cuddly. Her playful nature makes her fond of toys, but she also enjoys spending time snuggled up close.

I adore the beautiful pink nose of my furry friend that perfectly matches her adorable pink toes!

Spending hours gazing into her beautiful eyes is something I absolutely love!

Observing the feathered creatures outside her abode is one of her preferred leisure activities as well! Check out more related content.

Wow, Luna! You are absolutely stunning with your gray tuxedo coat! I have to say, I haven’t seen many cats that match your level of beauty.

Chillin’ and takin’ it easy! Do you want to stay updated with this adorable kitty on social media? Then, go ahead and follow her captivating eyes on Instagram! You can find all the charming images of swoosh_luna_the_cat on her profile.

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