Husky hugs abandoned kittens like his own, brings them home and shows love and care to them.


Husky named Banner becomes a hero by rescuing abandoned kittens from a cardboard box. With her keen intuition, she led her owner, Whitney Braley, to the hidden kittens in distress. Whitney was shocked to find the kittens alive but freezing, left to die by heartless individuals.


Banner’s maternal instincts kicked in as she held one of the kittens in her mouth, showing it to Whitney. She refused to leave their side, attentively watching over them, counting to ensure they were all present. Banner became their adoptive mother, cuddling and napping with them, showering them with love and care.

Whitney, filled with anger towards those who abandoned the helpless kittens, is grateful for Banner’s heroic act. She plans to find loving families for the kittens once they are healthy and old enough. Banner’s selfless and loving nature has touched Whitney’s heart, as she witnesses the unique bond between the husky and the kittens.

This heartwarming story challenges the belief that dogs and cats cannot coexist harmoniously. Banner, with her angelic heart, proves that love knows no boundaries and happily cares for the seven adorable kittens. Let’s hope these kittens find their forever homes soon, surrounded by the love they deserve.

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