Here are some stylish ways to don a short-sleeved blazer that exudes elegance and youthful charm, whether you’re heading to the office or out for a night on the town.(T)

Blazers are a versatile fashion staple that many people love for their ability to transition from the office to casual outings, walks, and light parties. In the days when the weather is not too cold, short-sleeved blazers are an ideal choice. Short-sleeved blazers also add a youthful and dynamic touch compared to their long-sleeved counterparts. Moreover, blazers offer countless ways to mix and match with other items to create fresh looks.


Combo of Blazer, Knit Top, and Trousers


This could be considered the most basic and popular combination for women heading to work or business meetings. A lightweight knit top adds fullness without causing overheating, and paired with trousers and a blazer, it brings about a sophisticated yet not overly serious appearance. To add more playfulness, opt for sandals instead of closed shoes.

White Blazer and Blue Jeans

This combo boasts youthful and vibrant colors. The white of the blazer brings out a youthful, fresh, and gentle vibe. Adding a small accessory like a belt or handbag can enhance your elegance.

Dark Blazer and Light Trousers


A dark blazer in navy or black paired with white or light-colored trousers works wonders for those with relatively slender figures. White trousers help balance your silhouette and make you appear less skinny, while a navy blazer creates a more youthful look.

Blazer and Skirt


Wearing a short-sleeved blazer with a flared mini skirt creates a sweet yet elegant look. This is a perfect outfit for weekend outings or evening dates. You can also add a touch of accessories like a necklace or bracelet to enhance your youthful appearance.

Blazer and Jeans


This combination exudes a youthful, unconventional, and casual vibe, showcasing a dynamic and carefree personality.

Linen Blazer and Shorts


The nature of a linen blazer combined with shorts is ideal for street style, outings, or picnics. The short length of the shorts and the breathable linen fabric of the blazer provide comfort when you need to move around a lot.

A short-sleeved linen blazer can also be paired with blue jeans. A black top underneath balances the overall outfit. Adding a black handbag and brown shoes makes the ensemble more sophisticated.

Matching Set Blazer

If you’re hesitant about coordinating outfits, you can choose a matching set blazer designed by a fashion house. Depending on the color of the blazer, you can opt for a suitable T-shirt or knit top inside. If the outer blazer is colorful, a white inner top is practical and easy to match. If the outer set is white, you can choose an inner top in black or any color you like.

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