Heartwarming Moment: Three-Year-Old Welcomes New Sibling with Skin-to-Skin Contact.NT

Assisting someone in delivering a baby, especially if you lack experience, can be a daunting and terrifying task.

For most people, this would be so far beyond their comfort zone that they might be too overwhelmed to do anything other than panic for several minutes!

However, for three-year-old Hunter, this idea is more than just exciting.

That’s why, when his mother, Rebecca Joseloff, learned that she would soon be giving birth, she wanted young Hunter to be there with her.nnt

So, she and her family made arrangements for a very special kind of delivery that would allow Hunter to witness the moment his sibling entered the world.

To prepare him for what was to come, midwife Nicole Lahey helped introduce him to the concept of childbirth.

Under supervision, Hunter watched some birth videos, learned some simple terms (like “placenta”), and was shown the basic anatomy he would need to understand what was happening.

Joseloff and Lahey didn’t want young Hunter to feel uncomfortable or repulsed by the process. Joseloff mentioned that’s why the way they educated Hunter was crucial.

Since Hunter was a young child, his perception of whether something was awful, terrifying, or incredible depended on the ideas that adults conveyed to him.

So, they took care to make it a natural and incredible moment, which childbirth truly is, and taught him what to expect.

This would enable Hunter to be prepared when the time came! Joseloff believes childbirth is a magical moment, and we agree! She was certainly excited at the prospect of Hunter being present for the birth of her own child.

This would help her establish a connection with her sibling as soon as he entered the world.

The day of the long-awaited birth arrived, and Joseloff went into labor. Hunter was there the whole time to encourage her!

He provided the entertainment and distraction they needed as the process unfolded.

He had many questions, enjoyed playing with his dolls as he watched, and even snacked during the waiting period.

When Joseloff finally started pushing the little baby, screaming as she did, Hunter wasn’t nervous or embarrassed.

Instead, he comforted his other mother by stroking her hair. She even wanted to be the first to touch her sibling, so she reached out and apparently gently touched his head as he began to crown!

Joseloff and Lahey even allowed Hunter to participate in the skin-to-skin contact.nnt

Lahey explained that newborn babies really love being snuggled against the skin of their family members.

So, Hunter joined in, took off his shirt, and embraced his sibling for the first time.

He became so enamored with his sibling that he didn’t want to give him back to his mother!

Some parents who have heard of this birth, which has gone viral on the Internet, don’t believe that young ones should be present for such intimate moments.

Lahey herself thinks it’s an individual decision for parents.nnt

After all, every family and childbirth experience is different! But for the siblings who get to witness the birth of their brothers or sisters, it certainly marks the start of their bonding in a deep and meaningful way.

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