“Heartfelt Images Capture a Dog’s Last Day: A Reminder to Cherish Every Moment with Your Furry Friend.”

Three years ago, after watching a video of Duke posted on YouTube, Jordan Roberts adopted this loving black Lab in need of a home. Sadly, shortly after the adoption they discovered Duke had bone cancer. After the amputation of one of his front legs, they hoped the cancer wouldn’t return.

Tragically, they recently discovered the aggressive form of cancer had returned. The painful tumor was so large it was at risk of bursting at any time and causing serious damage. Roberts had to make the heartbreaking decision that it was time to let Duke go so he wouldn’t be in pain any longer.



Cancer may have shortened his life, but Roberts wasn’t going to let Duke go without a final day celebrating his life and doing what he enjoyed most! She called a very talented photographer friend, Robyn Arouty, and asked her to commemorate Duke’s final day on earth. We guarantee you’ll never forget these images!



Duke spent some time being pet and scratched in his favorite places by his family. He had his own big plate of cheeseburgers so that he could eat as many as he wanted!






Then it was a ride in the car. You can see how excited Duke is to find out where he’s going!







Duke had a nice romp through a splash pad!


And then it was time to say goodbye.



His family picked a nice, quiet spot outdoors and said farewell to their friend. Duke had a happy, loved life, and these photos gave them a few more happy memories to hold on to.





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