Heartbreaking Scene: Abandoned Dog Left Shivering and Desperate for Help on the Streets.TS

The story of Toncka, a female puppy who was thrown away on the road, is a true testament to the resilience and strength of animals. At only 4 kg and severely malnourished, Toncka was found by some miracle to be negative for all infectious diseases, but the poor thing was suffering from visible rickets, full of ticks and fleas, with bad hair, and incredibly small for her age.

Thankfully, Toncka was rescued by a group of kind-hearted people who took her in and gave her the love and care she desperately needed. They named her Toncka and immediately began providing her with the necessary tests, therapies, medications, vitamins, high-quality food, and safe accommodation.

Toncka was a real fighter, and despite the setbacks, she continued to improve day by day. She received daily visits to the vet for taking care and treatment, and slowly but surely, she gained weight and transformed into a beautiful dog. Toncka also had to undergo therapy for her legs, which were not improving, but her caretakers never gave up on her.

They kept fighting, providing her with the necessary care, and thankfully, Toncka made a full recovery after 120 days of care and love. The story of Toncka is an inspiration to us all, and it highlights the importance of animal rescue and care.

We should all do our part to help animals in need, just like the kind-hearted people who rescued Toncka. Thanks to their efforts, Toncka was able to find a happy home with a loving family who will care for her and cherish her for the rest of her life.

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