From Desperation to Hope: Rescuing a Starving, Weary Homeless Dog Yearning for a Happy and Loving Forever Home.TS

There is a critical situation of a homeless dog lying on the highway.

He tried to cross the road, got hit by a car, the driver left

He’s in a lot of pain, can’t move, he doesn’t want anyone to touch him

We tried to reach him to take him to the hospital

After a while, he calmed down

His leg was injured, he couldn’t move

we used a towel to temporarily keep him warm

He is feeling better

After 15 minutes, we decided to put him in the back of the car to take him to the hospital

Now that he is completely in the car, we have some peace of mind

The doctor is examining him, and will give him fluids by the way

After taking an X-ray of his leg, the result was very good

He only suffered a slight sprain in his hind leg, temporarily staying in the hospital for observation

After 3 days, the doctor allowed him to leave the hospital to go home and continue to rest and take care of him

Now his mood is much better than before, relaxing comfortably at home

At my house, he has new friends, they play together.


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