Exploring the Enigmatic Aura of Owls through Their Mute Wings and Penetrating Gaze. TQ

A flammulated owl perched on a tree branch.

California is home to a diverse population of owls, including the barred owl, burrowing owl, California spotted owl, flammulated owl, great gray owl, and many other species.

Owls are generally nocturnal birds that tend to make their calls at night.

Individuals usually sing alone, but during courtship and breeding season, they may sing with other owls.

It’s also worth mentioning that two owls can hoot throughout the night without stopping or getting tired.

While the sound of an owl’s call may not be entirely unpleasant, hearing it over and over can still be frustrating, especially at night when you want a peaceful sleep.

One of the most commonly heard night-singing owls in California is the western screech owl.

These small owls are known for their distinctive trilling calls, which can often be heard in residential areas.

They are found throughout California and are especially common in wooded areas and near wetlands.

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