“Encounter the Petite and Energetic Avian Friend Adorned in Vibrant Pastels of Orange, Yellow, and Cinnamon.”

Meet the little and restless bird dressed in dazzling pastel hues of orange, yellow, and cinnamon.

A little bird that may frequently be seen in the canopy of open woods and places near forests, where it forages in groups of different species.

The olive-green top portions and yellow rump of the rufous-headed tanager (Hemithraupis ruficapilla) distinguish it from other birds. The colour of the head is rufous, and it becomes cinnamon on the breast. Yellow splotches can be seen behind the ear coverts. His tummy has a golden centre and brownish underparts.

The female and the male are remarkably similar, but the female has a yellow breast and simple olive-green upperparts.

Due of her similar colouring to the female Guira Tanager, the female cannot be distinguished.

Southeast Brazil is the only place where these birds may be found.

These birds like to reside in secondary-growth and plantations as well as moist lowland forests. They are located between sea level and 1500 m.

The rufous-headed tanager is an omnivorous bird that prefers to feed on natural fruits and tiny insects in the canopy and higher parts of the forest.

The male exhibits the vividly coloured parts of his plumage during the mating season. In October, a female was spotted putting nesting materials into a tiny hole in a cluster of Tillandsia that was hanging down. Apart than that, not much is known about this species’ mating practises.

This bird is recognised as being at risk in its sole habitat.

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