Despite enduring immense suffering, an eyeless dog, once exploited to sell her puppies, has finally found a loving and caring forever home.(T)

Nina, a dog found in the direst of conditions, was rescued when she was on the brink of death. She had likely been used for breeding and selling puppies, leading to severe neglect, malnourishment, and eye problems. Fortunately, the compassionate team at ThisisHouston stepped in to save her, and after undergoing surgery to remove her damaged eyes, Nina’s life began to take a turn for the better.

Initially, Nina was a sad and broken dog, but with time, care, and love, her temperament underwent a remarkable transformation. Her journey towards recovery and happiness, however, faced a heartbreaking setback when two different families tested her for adoption but didn’t choose her. Despite the initial disappointments, the third time became the charm, proving that every story can indeed have a happy ending.

Dog is rescued when she needed it most

Nina was found on a bridge in the town of Rosenberg, Texas, according to ThisisHouston, an animal rescue organization. People who saw this dog were afraid to approach her because she was lying down, so skinny that they assumed she was dead when they looked at her bones, so they called a rescuer to check her out.

She had obvious advanced malnutrition, her eyes were full of cloth and infections, but the most surprising thing is that, while they initially assumed she was sterilized, once they evaluated her, they realized that Nina was almost certainly exploited to have many children. When she became ill, they decided that throwing her away and abandoning her on that bridge would be a better way to care for her.

Because the dog was very thin and sick, her eyes had to be removed due to infection. He completely transformed his life in just two months. Her volunteers adored her because her determination and willpower were inspiring.

Like her foster family, a family took care of her, and the love they gave her was critical for her to want it and succeed. They loved this canine despite her stubbornness.

The best home for Nina

This canine has been in two homes that were interested in her, but nothing came of it, but she fit in very well in the last house where she was, so her temporary parents will deliver her beloved Nina, whom they loved and will surely miss a lot.

“It was really hard for her adoptive parents to let her go for the third time, but they get regular updates and are even supposed to be looking after their puppies soon! Furthermore, having the courage to say “goodbye” means they will be able to save another pup in need. We are all happy for Nina. “Happily ever after, little pig!” the foundation stated

Without a doubt, this is the end that this dog deserved after enduring so much pain at the hands of people who did not value all the love she was willing to give.

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