Describe the street fashion flair displayed by both Pax Thien and Angelina Jolie as mother and son.(T)

Pax Thiên and his mother, American actress Angelina Jolie, often opt for simple and comfortable outfits while strolling around.


The mother and son duo visited various shops and exhibition halls in the SoHo district of New York on August 16th. Pax Thiên combined a plain white sweatshirt with black jeans, Converse sneakers, a silver bear pendant necklace, and a baseball cap. Angelina Jolie sported an all-black ensemble with a blazer, wide-legged trousers, and a lace-trimmed tank top, accessorized with a Céline Horizontal Cabas tote featuring logomania style worth $1,850. Photo: GC Images

Pax Thiên (birth name: Phạm Quang Sáng) is 20 years old and was born in Ho Chi Minh City. Abandoned by his birth mother after birth, Pax was taken to the Tam Binh Orphanage for Children in Ho Chi Minh City. In 2007, he was adopted by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie and brought to the United States. Jolie and her ex-husband Brad Pitt named him Pax Thiên, which means “peaceful sky” in Vietnamese.

From his teenage years to now, Pax Thiên leans towards a carefree and dynamic dressing style. Despite growing up in a wealthy family, he has been taught by his mother to live frugally and spend wisely. His wardrobe mainly consists of T-shirts, button-down shirts, jeans, khaki pants, and sneakers from local brands with affordable prices. Photo: Backgrid


Jolie and her son often display their synchronicity in their monochromatic and neutral-toned fashion choices whenever they step out. Photo: SplashNews


In July, while dining at a restaurant in New York, Pax paired up his outfit with a bandana, gradient-toned T-shirt, and sneakers. Jolie chose an all-black ensemble and wore ballet flats – a trend influenced by ballet shoe style. Photo: Backgrid


Last summer, when traveling with his mother through Heathrow Airport, Pax wore a gray Dior jacket and matching sneakers. This moment marked a rare occasion of him donning luxurious clothing. Jolie wore Valentino sleepwear designs, including a $1,399 pyjama set and $750 slippers. She paired the outfit with a quilted bag from Saint Laurent. Photo: SplashNews


On another occasion, both of them flaunted their style with sunglasses. Elle magazine noted that Pax exuded an artist’s vibe with round hippie-style glasses, tousled hair, a bear-print sweatshirt, and khaki pants. Jolie combined a white dress with a nude-colored trench coat. Photo: Mega


Occasionally, Pax showcases his artistic flair with multiple silver rings on his fingers. He and his mother both prefer a simple style, wearing T-shirts and straight-legged pants. Photo: Backgrid


While shopping in Los Angeles in 2019, the mother and son duo both wore black and white tones, complemented by patterned jackets. Photo: Mega


Another time, Pax Thiên embraced a sporty style with a hoodie and high-top Nike sneakers. Jolie exhibited a classic look with aviator sunglasses and a beige trench coat. Photo: Image Direct


According to People magazine, Jolie praises her son for being quick-witted, agile, and affectionate. He often assists his mother by carrying bags or opening doors and helps her cross the street. Photo: SplashNews


The two of them made their first appearance on the streets since the pandemic outbreak in 2020. The American actress donned a cream-colored maxi dress from The Row, reminiscent of Daisy Ridley’s outfits in the Star Wars film series. Pax Thiên wore black trousers and a long-sleeved black shirt, paired with a baseball cap from the FTP brand.


Pax Thiên paired a striped shirt with a T-shirt, sneakers matching the color of his jeans when visiting the apartment of Jolie’s ex-husband, Jonny Lee Miller, in 2021. The star born in 1975 radiated elegance with a minimalist maxi dress and beige accessories, including a bucket bag and high heels.

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