Defying All Odds: Life-Altering Surgery Restores Indian Girl’s Nasal Deformity, Triumphing Over Adversity.(T)

“When Sushila became pregnant, we held onto the hope of having a daughter. When we finally welcomed our baby girl, we knew our prayers had been answered. But now, as I watch her struggle to breathe, even from a minor cold due to the growth on her nose, I fear she may be taken from us before we fully experience parenthood,” expressed Kundan, Shanti’s father.

Baby Shanti faces a constant struggle to breathe through just one of her nostrils. She is the first and only child of Kundan and Sushila, and her birth brought them immense joy and anticipation. However, they had no inkling that Shanti would face such challenges as her life unfolded.

People often question my determination to go to great lengths to save a girl child, but I am undeterred by such inquiries; she is my precious child, and I am resolute in my commitment to her well-being. Currently, she can only breathe through one nostril, and when she catches a cold, her ability to breathe diminishes entirely. Each time she gasps for breath, it feels as though a piece of us withers away inside.”

Despite being a cheerful baby, Shanti’s rare condition is gradually pushing her towards a life-threatening situation.

After Sushila’s sixth month of pregnancy, there were moments when the baby in her womb exhibited unusual movements. The situation could only be stabilized after Sushila received injections. Medical professionals never suspected any severe condition at that time. However, now, Shanti’s survival is contingent upon urgent corrective surgery. Without it, she could stop breathing at any moment.

“When Shanti was born, her condition wasn’t as critical as it is today. With each passing day, she struggles to breathe. Although she doesn’t cry much and is a content baby, we live in constant fear that the happiness our bundle of joy has brought may be taken away from us,” expressed Shanti’s parents.

“Shɑnti is so smɑll thɑt wᴇ cɑn’t ᴇvᴇn tɑkᴇ hᴇr on ɑ bus or trɑin to thᴇ hospitɑl. ᴇvᴇry timᴇ wᴇ hɑvᴇ to go to thᴇ hospitɑl, I spᴇnd Rs 400 only on trɑvᴇl. Thᴇ visits to thᴇ hospitɑl ɑrᴇ bᴇcoming morᴇ frᴇquᴇnt. I hɑvᴇ to tɑkᴇ offs ɑt work morᴇ oftᴇn now which is rᴇsulting in rᴇducᴇd incomᴇ. My bɑby is so sick thɑt it is difficult to concᴇntrɑtᴇ on work. I don’t wɑnt to lᴇɑvᴇ hᴇr ɑlonᴇ ᴇvᴇn for ɑ whilᴇ, but I ɑm forcᴇd to lᴇɑvᴇ hᴇr to sɑvᴇ hᴇr.”


“Not only thɑt wᴇ hɑvᴇ vᴇry fᴇw rᴇlɑtivᴇs ɑnd friᴇnds, thᴇ onᴇs thɑt wᴇ hɑvᴇ ɑrᴇ ɑlso not wᴇll off. Thᴇy ɑrᴇ rᴇɑdy to hᴇlp us with Rs 500 to 1000, but thɑt is not ᴇnough to sɑvᴇ out littlᴇ bɑby. ɑll Sushilɑ ɑnd I wɑnt is thɑt our bɑby cɑn livᴇ.”

How You Can Make a Difference

At just five months old, Shanti is battling a rare deformity that obstructs her ability to breathe due to excess tissue in front of her nostril. She urgently requires corrective and life-saving surgery, which comes at a substantial cost of Rs 5 lakhs for her parents. As first-time parents, they are in desperate need of assistance to save their precious baby girl. Your support can make a life-changing impact by helping provide Shanti with the necessary surgery and the chance for a healthy and happy life.

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