Coconut crabs have an impressive size, can weigh more than 4 kg and reach a length of up to 1 meter, have the ability to climb trees to hunt prey, and even eat some birds. P

Coconut crabs, known for their impressive size, can weigh over 4 kg and reach lengths of up to 1 meter. These remarkable creatures are capable of climbing trees, using their substantial size to their advantage when hunting prey, rendering their victims virtually immobile. Surprisingly, their diet includes several species of birds.


Recently, a foreign researcher captured images of coconut crabs in the act of hunting, with a bird falling victim to their prowess. The crab targeted an albatross perched on a tree branch for a rest. Employing its formidable claws, the crab clamped down on the bird’s wings, resulting in instant wing damage.


The bird, unable to resist, was dragged from the tree to the ground by the coconut crab. Approximately 20 minutes later, more coconut crabs were attracted by the scent of blood, and they joined in, ultimately butchering the bird and carrying it away as their trophy.


Researchers also noted that birds on the Chagos Islands appear to have developed a fear of coconut crabs. As long as coconut crabs are present, no birds dare to approach the branches or perch on the ground. In areas where birds typically roost, coconut crabs are conspicuously absent.


This particular species of coconut crab often evokes a sense of dread, but in reality, they are rather timid creatures. The presence of many animals, including humans, can frighten them away. The global population of coconut crabs is challenging to estimate accurately, but they have been classified as endangered and are listed on the red list.


Given their substantial size and unique characteristics, the meat of coconut crabs is considered a delicacy. This, too, contributes to their endangered status.

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