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5 youthful ‘hack’ outfits for office girls

To add more beauty when coming to the office, you can immediately refer to the following items.

Many people assume that office style is always associated with seriousness, so the way to choose clothes will sometimes be forced, boring and make the wearer look better. However, in fact, just choosing a little clever item, you can easily “hack age” much younger. Here are 5 office fashion items to help you look younger and more attractive. To add more beauty when coming to the office, you should immediately add the following items to your wardrobe.

1. Pastel colored shirt
Although a white shirt is quite basic, wearing too much will create a feeling of being bland and monotonous. So why not diversify your wardrobe by adding a few pastel shirts. Pastel color shirt is very youthful, but still has lightness and femininity. When wearing pastel-colored shirts, you should mix them with solid-colored items for overall harmony and avoid confusion. The easiest pastel shirt colors to wear are: Pink, blue, yellow, purple…

2. Vests
This is a hot hit shirt model this summer, chosen by many girls because it is both trendy and cool and youthful. Wearing a vest is sure to make every girl look younger and more beautiful. The easiest way to wear a vest is to wear a shirt with pants of the same tone and a pair of white or black sneakers. If you want to hack tall, you should choose vest models with vertical stripes.

3. Jeans
Jeans are not only for walking on the street, but you can absolutely wear this item to the office. However, you should note that do not choose ripped jeans or baggy jeans because these are personality designs, only suitable for wearing when going out. Instead, you should choose straight-leg jeans, simple high-waisted, not fussy stylized. Mix jeans with blouse, shirt and you have an elegant and youthful outfit to the office.

4. Sandal
A pair of sandals will help the whole outfit to come to the office much younger. You should choose neutral color sandals, thin straps to create a feeling of openness and dynamism. This item can be mixed with casual pants, jeans, skirts are also fine.

5. T-shirts
Many people think that T-shirts are only suitable for going out, but in fact you can completely wear this item to the office. A plain colored T-shirt, mixed with jeans or casual pants will be an interesting highlight, making your office style more youthful and dynamic.


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