Balancing Act: Mother of Five with a Flawless Figure Runs a High-Following Blog.TS

The chic mother of five keeps a personal blog about fashion and design and shows off her perfect family and her figure.

who is now pregnant with her sixth child. The woman married the first school love of Andy Litvinchuk, who founded his own construction company.

The couple had two sons and three daughters. Supermom not only manages to take care of children, but also blogs about design, fashion, beauty and personal care.

A woman instills a love for fashion in her children from birth and constantly creates matching outfits for the whole family.

More than 340 thousand people have subscribed to her Instagram page. Fans admire Sarah’s appearance, as well as her gorgeous figure, looking at which you can’t say that her owner is a mother of many children.

What do you think about Sarah’s appearance? Is the mother of almost six children worthy of respect? Share your opinion in the comments!

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